Professional & Medical

Shoes for men are not just about usability but style as well, and more and more men are looking to invest in fashionable shoes that fit their evolving fashion sensibilities. Market-wise too, the demand for trendier shoes for men has only increased in the last couple of decades. However, shoes for men are not just designed to meet fashion trends, but to meet certain medical needs as well. The Crocs medical shoes for men cater to the different medical needs of men without compromising on style and comfort. The range of the Crocs medical shoes for men includes the following collections: Specialist, RX Ultimate Cloud, Santa Cruz Rx and Rx Relief, each working towards aiding different health and medical purposes. The Specialist is designed to meet the increasing pressure placed on our feet due to the stressful work lives lead by people today, the RX Ultima is meant for those suffering from diabetic foot—its toecap and heel cup providing the support needed, Santa Cruz Rx looks to solve other foot issues, while the Rx Relief is meant to give you super comfort and relaxation. The Crocs medical shoes for men are available in the classic colours of white, black and navy.